Monday, January 31, 2011

Things don't always go as planned...

 I usually find that out all the time.  Started off that I had bought a pound of that chocolate bark from walmart, and for some reason I don't have it when I get home.  On top of that I don't have the receipt to call and find out if they still have it or if I'm just losing my mind and it's in the house @_@.  Ok so thats just a part of it.  So I buy another block of chocolate a lot smaller, but thinking it would accommodated for what I have and what I need for these cake pops.  Well, turns out I needed a lot more than what I had ~_~.  Well lets just say it did not make it to church on Sunday!  
(an image of the half covered cake pops)
Well today we went to La Vina to get our LIFE Closet together, which is coming a long pretty well.  We were able to get together 5 care bags together.  It was a group of 3 ladies and our 4 kids running around playing while we put together bags and hanging clothes.  It was actually a great success, and we are still seeking donations so if you'd like to help and are in the Miami area please check out our needs -

Gotta get going, but I hope to be able to post more later, just really tired and have to give the little one a bath.  Take care and God bless.

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