Friday, January 15, 2010

She sleeps like an angel...but I don't....

So it's me, Gabby, and my husband, in that order from the right side of the bed. I like to curl up or stretch out. Gabby likes to toss and turn, slap me at times. And Tony goes back and forth tossing and turning. But when Gabby's sleeping by herself in the middle of the bed she sleeps like a dear angel!!! I don't understand. She gets the most room in the middle, or sometimes on the edge, but she has to toss and turn @_@ I'm watching her nap now and she's still as can be @_@.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Laughs, Giggles, and Emotions

Experiencing the first laughs and giggles is an amazing feeling. I know my husband felt the same way as I felt when Gabby started to giggle. I honestly never realized how amazing it would be to experience these first emotions with my child. To wake up to a human being who is depending on me for food, to be changed, love, and all that comes with being a parent. I am amazed at how amazing each little thing can send butterflies to your stomach. My husband and I are truly blessed with our amazing Gabby. We love her so much.

(Yesterday January 11, 2010 was the first time Gabby giggled and I just had to type this blog to get it off my chest. I will hopefully be able to continue/update more often soon.)