Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thank you God for you unfailing love...

As I sit here and begin to reminisce about my past and where I came from, I have to sit and thank God for all that he has done in my life!  From getting married, to having a wonderful beautiful baby girl, whom is now 5, and to the wonderful and beautiful people I have met a long the way!  God you are truly amazing!

God keeps blessing us with more and more and its amazing!  I recently took a test this past weekend and GUESS WHAT!!!  Baby two is on the way!!!   Gabby is so excited!  She checks on me whenever she can asking mommy does the baby need anything.  Its amazing to love someone whom isn't even here yet!  Thank you God for this blessing!  I will keep you all updated when I go on a Dr. visit!  Now back to work :(  God bless you all.


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