Saturday, March 28, 2009

Life is becoming a bit clearer.

So I went to that Twilight thing at walmart, which it kind of was a waste of time, but still had some fun. Went with my mom, they had cake did a scavenger hunt, that's pretty much all I stayed for. Later that week found out Hot Topics was doing a Twilight party too. Any ways.

My life has been becoming more clearer and clearer by the second, still not exactly sure, but I do feel I'm heading in the right direction. Recently I've been having many thoughts on creating a business, and working on my current ones as well. But the recent one has really got my head spinning and I'm ready to keep at it, and work as hard as I can to get it off the ground. Currently I'm finishing up my business plan so I can submit it to some investors, and see if it can come off the ground. We'll see I guess. Whelp, gonna finish up this writing. Thanks again for taking the time and reading. God Bless.

~Serena aka Rena Fo Sho

Friday, March 20, 2009

Twilight Party @ WalMart

Happened to walk into walmart and they had a sign up that said they will be have a Twilight release party. I love that movie in a way, plus I love PARAMORE, and since they had 3 songs on the soundtrack to the movie, it made me more interested in seeing that movie. So we'll see how this twilight party will be tonight, interesting that it would be @ walmart so it really is just a site to see...LMAO. NO DOUBT and PARAMORE ON TOUR, whos going? I AM I AM excited!! hehe.