Sunday, August 22, 2010

God is Good All The Time...God is Good

Everything that is happening in our lives has already been plan out by God and to me a lot of times is hard to accept!!  In my head a lot of things pop up from my past and it hits me hard why did I go through that and I could have changed this or that.  But I have to remember what's in the PAST is the PAST.  God wants me to learn from it and move forward, and hopefully not let it happen again.  The other day we went to an out reach in an unfamiliar place and it was great to hang out and help with some of the activities.  The kids were cute wanted their picture taken and a lot were starving for a affection.  I was really happy we were able to go and help.  I hope to do more and be able to actually give testimonials, and be able to share what God has in store for me and what he's already done for me.  Well we'll see when that day will come.  Welp gotta get going just wanted to pop in again and express what I was feeling at the moment, I might come back again later.  Take care and God Bless.

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