Saturday, July 10, 2010

List of things to do 2day

The day I decide to start cleaning, and have a list to do I want to blog.  Probably after a night of skimming through 100s of blogs.  (Not exactly, but a lot)  I really want to make my blogs a regular daily log of my day.  I hope that this will help me keep track of my daily duties as a mom and make sure I follow up on what I say I'm going to do.

  • So first thing I have to clean up the closet in our room so that I can set up shop for my sewing machine.  Mind you that my husband bought me this machine during black Friday!!! I feel so bad that I haven't opened it and used it.  Main reason for not doing this has been my love for procrastination.  Yes I know the sentence doesn't really make sense.  But it makes all the sense to me =).
  • Put laundry away.
  • Put together sewing machine, and come up with what I will create!
Small list for today.  Lets just see if I get it done....haha =/

Will be back later have a great day =)


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