Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finally did it :)

So yesterday I finally used my sewing machine, though I know I said I was going to do it about two weeks ago.  Haha that procrastination really works ;).  Well as I said I used it, but pretty much I used it to set up and try to relearn how to thread the machine.  Sad.  I will get back into it again.  On top of trying to get it together Gabby craweled right on it while I was still trying to thread it so it discouraged me more. 

Well I did my event at the Gansevoort Hotel on Miami Beach.  It was an awesome an experience.  Great food, great music, great people, and great clothes.  I worked with a great promo/fashion model Florentina.  She was really great to work with, seemed like we known eachother for years.  We handed out Smart Water for our promo at our little bar.
Definitly would love to do another promo like this again.  I also got to see Kendra from "The Girls Next Door"  She is so cute.  I was really mad that she didn't make it to our booth and come to find out she was supposed to. 
Well so far no other events coming up, hopefully soon though, need some moolah.  Welp I'll be back next time A QUARTER OF A CENTURY years old, oh me oh my.

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