Monday, February 28, 2011

Zumba, Zumba, Zumba

I've been so excited about our recent program brought to the church!  Zumba! it's for ladies only at our church and if you've been to a session you know why.  I was so excited the first time I tried it, and have been more pumped to do my other workouts from Tina Landon, Darrin's Dance Moves, and my collection of dance music videos. 

I am so happy blessed to have dance back into my life.  It brought me back to the times when I kept close watch of my favorite back up dancers like Mykal Bean, Karla Andrade, Zena Foster, and many more!  Recently my friend Mykal Bean who has been in videos for Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Missy Elliott and many many other artistes came out with his acting/modeling/dancing video reel.  Which was really impressive.  I am so happy for him with all the success he has come across, and I love the fact he has given a lot of his glory to God.  Any ways look out for his upcoming movie Boogie Town, and there are other things in the works, but I'm not sure what they are.  I guess he's not ready to disclose these things yet ;)  Another thing coming up is his birthday March 9th, so I pray he has a wonderful and blessed birthday.  Check out his demo reel below.

You can also follow him on his twitter @Mblaze09

Anyways I can't wait for Zumba on Friday!  Let me know your dancing stories, videos, or whatever.  Take care and God Bless.

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