Sunday, October 3, 2010


Had a wonderful day with my husband while Gabby spent the day with her grandparents.  It was an adventure we traveled by Miami's transportation starting off for me riding the *trolly* Miami's Metro Rail.

I honestly felt like a tourist taking pictures of the Metro ha ha.  Our first  stop was at Publix on the beach, because we saw the wine collection through the windows.  There was a really wide variety at that store compared to ours.  After that we went to Blissberry off of Alton to get boba *bubble tea*.  I was excited because I hadn't had any for a really long time.  I got a mix of almond and banana, which was surprisingly good. My husband got a kiwi, and strawberry smoothie boba which tasted really GOOD.  It tasted a lot sweeter than mine, and the texture was smoother and richer.
For a snack we went to King Kone a sushi joint off of Alton and got the Dragon Roll.
sorry bad picture *should've opened it* he he.
Very interesting how they had the wasabi and soy sauce already prepared in a dispenser that was too complicated for us to use.
Then we headed towards the beach.  The water felt wonderful.  There was flying fish, and possibly a "dolphin" from what people were screaming about.
After the beach we started walking back to the bus and happened to stop at El Rancho Grande.  My husband keeps raving about the Guacamole so we sat down he went to the restroom, and I sat waiting for him while they offered me chips and dip and I started eating.  The server came back and asked what we would like, and I told him I wanted the guacamole and chips.    So what do they not have?  Exactly!!! No Gauc and chips.  When my husband came back, he thought I was joking about them not having it.  So I was a little upset because I wanted to try it fresh!! :(
Anyways we ended our trip helping a couple I think from Britain find a place to travel while visiting Miami.   They were a really cute couple trying to find a good time.  I really hope they did:)  Well until next time.


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