Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Realized I've been a lot more busier with Gabby as she enters the toddler stage.  I've been running back and fourth telling her don't touch this and that, or don't put that in your mouth.  It's really amazing how much energy she has, I can hardly keep up!  She is so awesome though, playing drums, playing with her toys and just being so darn cute :)

I'm creating a blog for my Woman's Group which we are currently reading the book of Esther with a Beth Moore study - http://studywithbethmoore.blogspot.com/ (coming soon).  It's been very in lighting all the things they did back in that time period, and lessons to learn from them.  We'll see how this blog goes.

We are currently looking for donations at my church for the Child Care Service.  Their wish list is a kitchenette set and a puzzles for the kids.  So if you would like to donate you can by clicking the donate button below.  I will be updating on how far we are with donations.  Our goal is $150.  You can view the kitchenette sets here that we are wanting to purchase by clicking here.

Hope everyone takes care and God Bless.


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