Saturday, September 18, 2010

1 Year Anniversary

My husband and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary on the 16th and we had a wonderful time.  We went to eat at Texas de Brazil @ the Dolphin and if you haven't gone you definitely need to.  If you are a meat eater you definitely need to go for it's pretty much all you can eat deliciously made meat from lamb to steak.   They start you off with a salad bar area with all you can eat salad, salami meat, artichoke, palm, and even some sushi.  I was really amazed at all that you get, but most of all shocked at the price!!! It's about $50 a person for the buffet!!!  But we had a wonderful time and it was well worth it.
Image of outside (sorry my phone doesn't take great images)
After Texas De Brazil we went to TGIF to get some drinks and played word dojo (yes we are dorky) But it reminded me of when we first started going out in North Carolina we would go to this Irish Pub that had that machine. 

Had to take a bus home a little buzzed :)
Thank you my love for a wonderful evening.  To many more to come.  Thank God for the blessings, and our many learning experiences.  Let us grow old together.


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