Thursday, February 22, 2018

Moments of Reflection

I honestly miss taking the time and writing in my blog, but the truth is I really don't have the time anymore.  Or let me be honest I don't make the time anymore.  Please help me welcome baby Daniel Isaiah 
There is so much I want to explain, and so much I would like to inform, but I will put it in bullet form, my top 10 goals, and accomplishments.

1. Studied a new trade - fixing phones.
2. Want to start a new ministry. - Helping the homeless.
3. Baby Danny was born.
5. Planning our 10 year anniversary, and hopefully trip to San Diego.
7. Meal Planning Goals, with menus for the week!
8. Sharing my love for RememberLove.Miami
9. Sharing my recent shoot with Simone Photography!

Can't wait to share more when I have time!

God Bless you all.


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